WP Racing Service

Racing Service

WP works in many fields of the international motorbike racing scene and supports various teams to achieve their goal, to be best in their class. Experience from racing is used in our aftermarket- and serial products and ensures a continued development and improvement of our products. In racing WP does the complete setup as well as the full racing service of the different racing teams.

In 2013 WP is present and supports racing teams on site at the following championships:

Racing Series Moto 3

International information at: http://www.motogp.com/

Teams equipped by WP Website
Aki Ajo KTM Red Bull
Team Kiefer Racing http://kiefer-racing.com/
Team Monlau http://en.monlau-competicion.com/
Team Laglisse http://www.teamlaglisse.com/motogp/index.html

Motocross World Championship
MX1, MX2, MX3

Interational information at: http://www.motocrossmx1.com/

Teams equipped by WP Website
KTM Red Bull Factory http://www.ktm.com/at/factoryracing/mx.html
Ice 1 Racing
KTM Scott http://www.ktm-scott-racing.com/
STR Racing http://www.steveturnerracing.com/
Standing construct
Nestaan JM Racing http://www.jmracingteam.com/
Estonia Express
HM Plant KTM UK http://www.ktmukmx.com/
Marchetti Racing http://www.marchettiracing.com/w/
Riga Motocross Racing
KTM Silver Action http://www.silveractionteam.it/

Racing Series Supercross

USA - Information at: http://www.amasupercross.com/http://www.supercrossonline.com/

Teams equipped by WP Website
KTM Red Bull Factory http://www.ktm.com/factoryracing/
JDR Racing http://www.jdrmotorsports.com.au/
BTO Racing http://btosportsracing.com/

Racing Series
International Enduro

International Information at: http://www.enduro-abc.com/

Teams equipped by WP Website
KTM Red Bull Factory http://www.ktm.com/factoryracing/enduro.html
Husaberg Factory http://www.husaberg.com/es.html
Sherco Factory http://www.sherco.com/