Water cooler primarily for motorcycle and car manufacturers in the premium sector. Flexible manufacturing options: flat or curved, square or trapezoid. Also supplied as a complete set including fan, fan shroud, sealing cap, rubber grommets, plug-in-nuts, insert nuts, thermostat. Annual production of 300,000 units, total production to date roughly 10 million.

Technical Data

Material aluminium
Surface raw or powder-coated
Processing CAB (control atmosphere brazing)
Suitable for car, lorry, motorcycle, e-mobility, ATV, cart, aircraft

Overview of success factors

  • Significant advantages

    Vast experience in the motorcycle sector and a lean organisational structure mean that we at WP are able to react at short notice during the development stages and even during production lead-times. Despite this, we keep the piece costs as low as possible by using CAB processing to achieve higher production reliability. The WP cooling systems, when compared with those produced using vacuum technology, show a surface of equal quality - even without powder-coating, the same degree of cooling efficiency and better corrosion resistance. Local reinforcing during the CAB processing attains the same stability for extreme driving conditions as that of the coolers from vacuum production.

  • Top performance

    Performance and quality: The modular cooling system with its existing and proven parts makes it possible to adapt the radiator perfectly to the production specifications and any alterations on the manufacturer’s side during the production lead-times. References from KTM, BMW, MV Augusta, Ducati, Triumph, Aprilia and Audi  all underline WP’s high performance standards.

  • Better– from WP

    WP’s internal prototyping enables us in extreme cases to have development lead-times of only 4 months from the customer’s enquiry until the start of production. Manufacturers can also utilise  WP’s centralised access to further production sites worldwide offering various production possibilities, depending on the lead times and the individual number of units required.

Customers who use this product

BMW Husaberg KTM SHERCO Triumph Ducati