Steering Damper adjustable

Advanced steering damper with turning knob to adjust 32 settings. Installation in one hour with assembly kit, suitable for various models of most types. Constant damping ensured by the double chamber system, filled under vacuum with special oil, that compensates heat expansion in the compensation chamber.

Technical Data

Size 75, 90, 120 mm stroke
Piston diameter  15mm pistons
Piston rod diameter 8 mm
Suitable for Street, Offroad, Race, ATV

Overview of success factors

  • Significant Advantages

    The WP adjustable steering damper has a highly stabilising effect on the motorcycle, especially when riding at high speed and with varying loads – for 100% control and riding experience. The maintenance free construction keeps the damping properties at a constant level. The WP adjustable steering damper is, despite its attractive price, made of high quality materials, for example CNC milled, anodised aluminium. High-grade bearings, special seals and polished piston rods all contribute to minimal friction, an extremely fine response and high durability.

  • Top Performance

    The entire know-how from WP’s serial production for the world’s best motorcycle manufacturers is invested in every single steering damper. Any performance-oriented motorcyclist can adjust the setting of the motorcycle from road use to a setting geared to the conditions on a particular race track in an instant – and greatly improve his lap times.

  • Besser – von WP

    Der WP Lenkungsdämpfer verstellbar basiert auf jenen Lenkungsdämpfern, die auch von den WP ausgestatteten Rennteams eingesetzt werden. Die Erfahrung der bekanntesten Rennfahrer, die mit WP Lenkungsdämpfern unzählige WM Titel erreicht haben, fließt laufend in die Optimierung der WP Lenkungsdämpfer ein.

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