High precision steel frame with high strength welding joints carried out by robotic welding. WP steel frames are weight-optimised and ensure optimum performance.

Technical Data

Material predominantly steel
Welding robotic and manual welding, MIG/MAG and WIG methods
Surface surface treatment as required

Overview of success factors

  • Significant Advantages

    The entire design and construction of all the production equipment is carried out in-house, allowing the greatest possible freedom in the production lead-times regarding the customer’s specifications. A variety of tests on the rear frame can be simulated on the factory’s own test bench. The quality of the technical features and welding are subjected to a thorough 100% inspection when they leave the production line. Every welder employed by WP has EN-287-1 qualifications, carries out both robotic and hand welding and is fully responsible for the quality of each and every frame that he makes.

  • Top Performance

    The stability of the rear frame has a great influence on the subsequent performance. The main priority at WP is an efficient welding sequence which minimises weld delay and at the same time maximises the dimensional accuracy, the quality of welding and therefore the stability of the frame. In the production we use CNC tube-bending machines which can execute three high precision bendings in sequence. Post-treatment is therefore rarely necessary and any production tolerance specified by the manufacturer can be achieved or surpassed. The extreme precision of the single elements optimises the fitting accuracy in further stages of assembly, saving production time as a result.

  • Better– from WP

    WP is the only firm to have 30 years of experience and know from the racing sector being continuously and directly applied to the optimisation of serial products. Every single frame produced in series undergoes a 100% inspection after the bending process and meets the high quality requirements for racing. In other words, every frame that we produce is of the same standard as the parts made by WP for the winning motorcycles of over 200 World Championships.

Customers who use this product

Husaberg KTM