Competition Fork

Made-to-measure for race-oriented motorcyclists and professional racers in road and off road categories. Made to order only - for any model or make of motorcycle: complete fork for off road and enclosed damping unit (cartridge) for road use. Unbeatable individual progressive damping behaviour with setting options for compression level and rebound damping in the damping range. Extremely fine sensitivity due to friction-optimised coating on inner and outer tubes.

Technical Data

Racing Onroad Cardridge
Cartridge piston, diameter 23 mm
Inner tube, diameter 40mm, 43mm, 46mm, 48mm 
Assembly length/stroke custom-built to order
Racing Offroad Gabel
Inner tube, diameter 48mm 
Assembly length/stroke custom-built to order
Clamp diameter custom-built to order

Overview of success factors

  • Significant advantages

    WP competition forks are factory pre-set based on the factors of rider, riding ability, area of use and type of motorcycle and this is the basis for a wide setting range which provides almost limitless possibilities for individual adjustment. Each fork is therefore unique and made-to-measure. They are designed for maximum strain and are extensively tested so that unimpaired function can be guaranteed even at high oil temperatures or extreme compression speeds during races. Settings for compression levels and rebound damping can be adjusted using standard tools. Special tools are provided with the set for adjusting the spring reload  to optimise the bike’s settings for the prevailing riding and weather conditions shortly before a race.
    Please note: owing to the individual factory preset, 14 days must be allowed for set-up and supply.

  • Top Performance

    WP competition forks are made exclusively of high grade materials and components that have proved reliable in high level racing series. Each fork is made to measure using, amongst other things, high precision, computerised CNC systems. Preloading of the oil ensures constant damping in the damping unit even at high compression speeds, so that a steady improvement in the lap times can be achieved throughout the entire race.

  • Better – from WP

    WP is the only manufacturer to produce racing forks that are made 100%  to individual requirements. They are developed with the cooperation of the current World Championship and works riders and the latest know-how from the racing sector is constantly assimilated in the production. Only WP racing components such as the WP Competition Forks were used by all the racing motorcyclists who won over 200 World Championships. No other chassis component available to performance-oriented riders has ever been so successful.

Customers who use this product

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