2-Stroke Exhaust Manifold

Small and large batch serial production of 2-stroke pipes. Over 30 years as original parts manufacturer, primarily for motorcycles ( street, off road, racing).

Technical Data

Material steel
Surface surface treatment as required

Overview of success factors

  • Significant advantages

    The motorcycle manufacturer can save time and expense by giving WP the overall assignment for the complete exhaust system because it will be constructed exactly to the customer’s specifications. The production machinery is built and maintained in-house so that any alterations necessary during production lead-times or at a later date can be made quickly, saving expense and keeping the production time at a minimum. In addition, constructive overall solutions are possible as all pieces of the complete WP 2-stroke pipes are produced under one roof, starting with the sheet panels and metal blanks. At the same time we achieve the minimal production tolerance specified by the manufacturer and perform a 100% final inspection on all connecting dimensions, so that the final assembly is a quick process.

  • Top performance

    WP 2-stroke pipes are crucial for tuning the exhaust system to a particular engine’s characteristics, for spontaneous road performance and optimum output, at the same time adhering to the regulations for noise and exhaust emission. In order to achieve this, only the best and newest technology is implemented in the  production of the WP 2-stroke manifolds– plasma cutters, MAG manual welding, thermoforming, punching.

  • Better - from WP

    The selective choice of high quality materials and suppliers guarantee longer durability and constant output throughout the entire driving cycle.

Customers who use this product

Husaberg KTM