A head
start in innovation

Whether you are the rider on the track or you are planning the latest motorcycle for a manufacturer, we can supply “parts of your success”.We put in the initial hard work combined with constant innovation to ensure that your subsequent performance will improve, both on the racing track and in business.

  • A head start in innovation
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Sometimes it takes 3 years to move 0,09 millimetres, and that is a good sign. The entire development takes place in-house, such as the design and construction of the suspension set-up.  Here the shim in the fork must be exactly 0,09mm thick and the precision within a thousandth of a millimetre. We invest no less than 5% of the total turnover in the chassis sector and, on average, 3 years’ hard work to achieve this perfection. It pays off – for those crucial seconds on both the race track and the assembly line. The same 20 construction engineers who make the chassis components for Sandro Cortese, Ryan Dungey, Toni Cairoli, Ken Roczen and many other top champions also develop the parts for serial production and for retrofitting. In addition, there are 10 racing engineers who do weekly services for the professionals on the race track and who are continuously optimising the components, applying the knowledge gained through their racing experience.



Munderfing has the hardest tracks in the world. We construct and test all the products ourselves in order to keep raising the benchmarks for quality and performance. WP has five experienced racing drivers employed as test riders for the firm and racing engineers whose main job is to test and optimise the products on outdoor race tracks. Once they are satisfied, it’s time for tests in the works. Frames and suspension, for example, are run through repeated test cycles consisting of millions of alternating loads before being given technical clearance. Then comes the ultimate challenge: final tests are carried out by our best riders, most of them active in international racing, and the last fine adjustments are made on the international race tracks. There is no rest in the works until these test riders are completely satisfied - because at the end of it all, it will be perfect for you.


There is no other distributor who can offer a larger range of performance-oriented chassis components than WP. To achieve optimal quality, WP not only consolidates the design and tuning of the various parts but construction and production are also closely linked. The complete state-of-the-art assembly takes place literally under one roof and the construction engineers themselves are only one floor away from the highly modern industrial facilities. As a result, every single one of the 3,000 parts that leave the halls in Munderfing each day has been produced strictly to the specifications of the motorcycle manufacturer and is only cleared after 100% inspection.


The speed of production is increasing everywhere – at WP it was always fast. Being a supplier for the competition sector, our work processes are geared to producing exceptional solutions extremely fast. Our own prototyping and the extensive know-how in the dynamic motorcycle sector can enable us, in extreme situations, to have a new part completely developed and ready for serial production within 3 months. The flexibility in this department means that the company is large enough to put new ideas into practice but the organisational structure so streamlined that production is as fast as ever. The same is true for the retrofitting department: parts that are in storage can be delivered to a dealer within a week, special orders take a maximum of 8 weeks. Our maxim is that good performance starts in the factory.

“Home-made” innovation

The introduction of upside-down fork technology in offroad racing. The introduction of electrical suspension adjustment (EDS/ESA) for motorcycles. The introduction of the weight-optimised  4CS closed cartridge generation. These are just three examples of WP innovation. The reason for our success is actually quite simple: We take the lead in applying our racing know-how to serial production. One thing is certain: The next good idea is on its way and will come from WP.

High precisionassembly

It goes without saying that our parts fulfill all the requirements for official certification: the ISO TS 16949 for coolers, the ISO 9001 for suspension, frames and exhaust and the ISO 14001 for environmental issues. If you do the maths and cross-check, you will find that our CNC machines work accurately down to one thousandth of a millimetre and that our tube bending machine can execute three bendings in sequence at three different angles with millimetre precision. What really counts, though, is that for the past thirty years we have steadily produced parts that have been crucial to the success of the most renowned manufacturers in both road and off road sectors.  The parts from serial production have been tested millions of times and more than 200 triumphs in nearly all of the racing series have proved the quality of our products. The huge amount of recognition in World Championships and the increasing number of customers are the best proof of unique quality, precision and performance. We’re still counting and we’re counting on you!